Zen Candles

Zen Candles

Introducing Our Bespoke AM To PM Zen Candle Range.  Carefully Crafted By Divine Box To Install The Calm & Zen Back Into Your Life.

These Candles Are Hand-poured Using 100% Renewable, Cruelty-free, Sustainable, Non-toxic, Natural Soy Wax.

Our Beautiful, Bespoke Range Comes As A Gift Set Of 3 Calming Smells To Compliment Your Mood Throughout The Day, To Help Keep You Calm, Centred And Relaxed.

Each Candle Comes Wonderfully Crafted & Decorated With A Combination Of Peach Blossom, Peony Petals, Lavender & Orange Petals.

We Advice That All Petals Are Strictly For Decorative Purposes Only.

All Candles Are At Risk Of Being Flammable And Therefore Should Always Be Burned Within Sight And Never Left Unattended.  Should Customers Wish To Burn These Particular Candles, We Strongly Advise Removing All Petals First As An Extra Precaution. 

Never Leave A Candle Burning Unattended.  Burn Candles Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets.  Always Leave At Least 10cm Between Burning Candles.  Do Not Burn A Candle On Or Near Anything That Can Catch Fire.

Our Bespoke Range Of Fragrance's:


Oud & Bergamot - The Top Note Of Bergamot Brightens This Fragrance With Its Sparkling, Citrus Freshness Whilst Cedarwood And Oud Wood Bring Intensity And Depth To The Scent.  Whilst This Scent Gives Off A Fresh Zestiness For The Morning Call, It Also Works To Focus & Level Your Mind Ready For The Day.

Sandalwood & Vanilla - Sandalwood Vanilla - A Gorgeous Combination Of Luscious Vanilla Blended With Sensual, Woodsy Sandalwood. A Perfect Blend For The Afternoon, Accompanied With A Cuppa And A Good Book.

Egyptian Amber - A Rich Sultry Fragrance With Warm Moroccan Amber Enriched By Spicy Cinnamon, Bitter Orange And Touches Of Coriander Leading To A Base Of Vanilla Pod, Sandalwood, Patchouli And Ylang.  This Is One Of My Favourites For An Evening Smell, Goes Perfect As An Accompaniment With A Big Bubble Bath With A Glass Of Vino.


Lemon & Lavender - A Bright Fragrance Of Lemon, Lavender And Eucalyptus With Green And Fruity Nuances Including Tomato Leaf, Lime And Spices.  These Level Headed Tones Will Wake You Up, Open You Up And Leave You Calm And Refreshed For What The Day Brings.

Bergamot & Patchouli - A Fresh Fragrance Opening With Citrus, Bergamot And Vetiver Leading Into A Herbal Heart Resting On A Base Of Patchouli And Sandalwood.  Unwind With This Perfect Mid Afternoon Restoration Fragrance, Helping You To Refocus, Centre And Go About The Rest Of Your Day.

Lavender & Chamomile - A Truly Beautiful Soothing Scent, With Relaxing Tones Of Lavender And Chamomile.  Again, Another Favourite Of Mine, I Personally Use This Fragrance As A Night-time Mist On My Pillow, So I Can Honestly Say It Really Works To Calm The Mind And Leave You Feeling Relaxed & Zen Ready To End The Day.
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